I decided to take this class several days after it had begun.  I enjoy the type of work the class covers so was not worried about taking it online while living 3 hours away.  Well, I quickly began to feel overwhelmed as I tried to catch up the mid-week assignment and do week 1.  I became confused and worried.  To make things worse, I am taking 2 additional online classes and have a job.  I just kept falling further and further behind and getting more and more confused.  I think it would be easier if I were on campus and could take advantage of the tutoring that is available.  Not wanting to give up, I sat down and powered through everything.  Google is now one of my BFFs. 

I found it challenging to learn all of the different platforms and do all of the assignments but I am definitely learning a lot.  I am going to keep going, power through and do my very best.  I will push away the anxiety and focus on one assignment at a time until I have completed everything this course requires.

I did have a lot of fun with every assignment this week.  I love photography and enjoyed telling stories with my pictures.  I was able to spend time through photos with my adorable dogs.  This really drove home the important role photographs play in our lives. Learning new techniques was awesome.  I can’t wait to practice more of what I learned. This was a fun (and challenging) week.


Material Review and Reflection Post

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