Team Pup

Don’t tell my mom, but I miss my pets the most.  Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I do miss them a lot.  One day, I might pack my pup with my clean laundry and sneak him back to UMW with me.  He could sleep in my dorm room, follow me to class, and be the official ball dog for UMW Field Hockey.   Since I can’t really do that, I chose to do the assignment, Bring your Pet to School.  The assignment says to place your pup anywhere on campus using any photo editing software.

On my iPad, I used the app Photoshop Mix  to add Bennie to my team photo.  After opening the app, hit the (+) to add a photo of the team then again to add a picture of my dog.  Next, I clicked on the dog picture and opened the cut out feature.  From there I was able to use the auto feature to remove the background and the smart feature to clean up anything left over or accidentally removed.  I then drug the image of Bennie to where it would make the most sense in the picture.  I just love seeing him on campus!