Add a Little Sparkle

I really like looking at interesting layouts of clothing and accessories on places like fashion blogs, Instagram, and Pinterest.  I chose to try some of the tips I learned from Becoming a Better Photographer to create my own layouts and had a blast!  I experimented with contrast, perspective, lighting, balance, foreground and background. 

After many attempts, I found this to be my favorite picture.  To me, it represents the importance of lighting.  Light was streaming in the room from a skylight and a window.  I shot from many different angles to catch the moving light and experiment with shadows.  This particular angle takes advantage of the straight-line shadow, and glimmering spots of glitter to bring the shoes front and center. 

After reading The Story Behind. . . Migrant Mother, Maria Popova, the importance of a single picture became more clear.  Her seemingly candid photos captured the feelings, heart and soul of an entire era. I was inspired to create a picture that told a story.  While my picture is nowhere near as deep as anything Popova published, I hope you can look at it and make your own story. 

Watching What is Visual Literacy showed me that visual literacy is a language that must be taught.  With 90% of the information we receive being visual, it is important that we can read what is being said through what we see.  In my photo, I chose to mix textures and create interesting angles.  I wanted to create the unexpected, much like the red spiky sculpture in front of the traditional stone building in What is Visual Literacy.  What do you see?