One Story/ Four Icons

This design assignment was one of my favorites since it had to do with film! The objective was to pick a movie and break it down into four elements and to have others guess what movie the icons represented.  I love classic movies and was excited to take one of my favorites apart and present it in a simple and clean way.

The first thing I did was logged onto The Noun Project, a free icon sharing website.  This site is filled with simple black and white icons that can be used for anything.  I searched for the items I wanted to use and downloaded them onto my computer.

Next, I opened up a Pages document onto my computer, and inserted the icons I downloaded.  They were quite big so I had to resize and position them in a way that looked and fit best.

After I had the icons in a good order, I then took a screenshot and cropped the rest of the screen out, leaving only the black icons against a white background. 

Can you guess what my favorite movie is?