You see them everywhere.  Photos of beautiful landscapes or happy people cover with sayings like “Dream Big” and “Keep Calm and Carry On”  or this:

Motivational posters are supposed to give you a feeling of hope and inspire you to do great things.  Well, maybe I don’t want to KEEP CALM!  Sometimes these posters are just annoying!  How nice would it be to one day see TRUE statements everywhere you look?  Something like, “Exercise sucks!”  That is why I chose to do this assignmentIt asked us to create an image and put a contradictory statement on top.   Basically, I created an anti-motivational poster. 

To do this, I used my new favorite app on my iPad, Canva (there is also a desktop version).  I chose Canva because it offers several FREE design templates for posters and a TON of copyright free images.  I followed these steps to create my poster and have included screenshots.  After logging into my account, I clicked on the link on POSTER under the Create a New Design tab.  I found the layout I liked then searched for the best positive photo I could find.  I drug the photo into the template, and adjusted the size to fit. 

Then I thought of the worst thing to tell a group of determined teen runners and inserted into the text box in the template.  I used a cheery font and placed the caption just below center of the photo.  By doing this, more of the facial expressions and body language is visible.  This makes the caption seem even more contradictory.



(I found the copyright free example of the positive motivational poster on the website Pexels)