Paradise Found

A white sandy beach, bright blue water and a chair.  That is my idea of paradise.  About now, I could use a little beach therapy.  Since I am mid semester, I can’t leave but I can dream.  The Destination Postcard assignment hit the mark for me.  We were asked to find a picture and create a postcard by applying words over the picture.  Canva was the recommended tool.

I began by searching for stock images of sandy beaches.  Once I found my fave, I opened my Canva app on my iPad and searched for postcard templates.  I chose a cute FREE template then noticed that Canva has over 60,000 stock photos to use.  With the template open, I clicked where I wanted to place my photo.  I then chose the photo from their collection.  I populated in the template.  I cropped the photo to fit.  Next, I cleared the template text box, chose the font, color and size and added my wording.  I repeated the same process under the picture adding a location name.

I wish more people used real mail.  Receiving a postcard is simple for the sender and super special for the receiver.  It is nice to know someone took time out of their fun vacation to do something nice for me.  A text is nice but a card with a little handwritten note is the best