A Knight’s Tale

The assignment, Sound Effects Story, was one of my favorites for this week. It was so fun to create a whole story without any dialogue or visuals.

To accomplish this, I first downloaded sound effects off of the website, Freesound.  This website is filled with user-generated sound effects that all fall under free use. used Audacity.  Once I found the sounds I wanted to use, I uploaded them to audio editing software, Audacity.

After uploading them, I rearranged them in an order that would make the most sense.  When I was satisfied with the order, I exported the file from Audacity and saved it as an MP3.  I then uploaded it to my SoundCloud profile.


This assignment was really fun and challenging.  I loved being able to get creative and think of sounds that would trigger images in the brains of the listeners in order to convey my story.