One day last Fall, I received a random call from a teammate asking me to come over to see the puppies she was fostering.  Well, of course I ran over because who doesn’t love puppies?  I could not believe my eyes when I saw this one little guy.  He looked EXACTLY like my 14 year old Dachshund/Yorkie mix (aka Dorkie) named Jet, back home.   With much less pleading than anticipated, my dad drove to Fredericksburg from Smithfield to adopt our new pal Bennie.  Yes, Bennie and the Jet.  Sadly, Jet passed away a couple of weeks ago.  That is why I was excited to make a pet collage for one of my assignments.

The assignment only asks to use current or past pictures of a pet to show how cute or funny they can be.  This was a no brainer for me as pet pics are my favorite!  I chose to use pictures of both Bennie, the new dog, and Jet so you can see the similarities.

I have been wanting to try the app Be Funky .  I downloaded the free app onto my iPad.  There is also a free version for your laptop.  Creating the collage was simple.  I opened the app, chose the Collage Maker tab, and got started.  First, I chose a template that I liked, mine has space for 7 pictures.  Then I clicked the (+) inside one of the picture boxes and began selecting photos from the photo app on my iPad.  After all of the photos were uploaded, I was able to position the pictures where I wanted in the template.  I was even able to crop, retouch, add effects, etc.

I did not add effects and chose to use a simple blue border because I want the focus to be on the pups.  Sweet Jet is in the center and Bennie is all around.  My favorite is the picture of the first time Bennie and Jet met.  There is even a guest appearance by our high-strung Chihuahua mix, Moe.  My pets are part of my family.  It was nice to make a family portrait.


Mid Week Summary

This week, I went through the process of setting up my own domain and my social media accounts for the course. Setting up my domain and getting my blog up and running was honestly an extremely stressful process. The issues varied from having a bad WiFi connection to not being able to modify or post anything to my blog. Setting up my social media, however was a piece of cake. Creating a Twitter account for this class was a very easy process, as was making a Flickr account.