Not So Successful Moon Landing

I absolutely love anything with an eery feel to it.  That is why I enjoyed listening to the Moon Graffiti so much.  The podcast took a joyous day in American history, the first moon landing, and acted out how Buzz Aldrin and Lance Armstrong would have reacted if they crashed and were stranded.  The producers took full advantage of their “spooky space sounds” setting in their sound boards.

Every element of the show was extremely realistic.  I loved the way they made sure every action that the voice actors were acting out had a sound to go along with it.  My favorite example would be the flag pole. When the flag pole was bending as the astronauts were attempting to put it in the ground, instead of them narrating what was happening, the listener heard a simple “whomp” noise (the best way I could describe it).  There is something to say about the way an audio only show is produced when it makes the listener actually see what they hear.

The way the show was produced was outstanding.  By using creepy sound effects and eery music, the audio producers created a story that made the listener uncomfortable and on edge.