My Perfect Day

I love my grandparents and I love the beach.  My best day ever would be to go to the beach with my grandparents.  How fun would that be?!  That was my inspiration for this project.  For my design project, Are we there Yet, I was asked to change the concept of where I am and what I am doing.  I chose to use one of my new favorite apps, Photoshop Mix. I love this app because it gives you a large variety of stock photos.  I will explain the process and include screenshots for clarification.

I uploaded a picture of me with my grandparents and a stock photo of the beach into the app.   Then I used the cut out feature to take away the background around us.  The auto feature took away almost everything in the background and a little it of my head.  I then used the smart feature with add and delete to get us looking beachy. 

I will give you a couple of tips.  First, make sure that when you choose the photo that you are removing the background of, there is a strong contrast between the subject and the background.  In my case, my hair blended in with the brick wall making it hard to get a clean cut.  Second, it does take several tries and a steady hand to get it just right.  Be patient and don’t drink too much coffee before trying!  Once I was happy with the editing, I moved our image onto the beach in the perfect spot.  This was simple to do and fun to play around with different looks.  I was also able to use the tabs to resize the photo and adjust color and contrast.  Adjusting the color and contrast helped to make the separate images seamless.

final product

The finished product is my perfect day!