ily, ily not

This GIF assignment was a fun one.  It had me think of contrasting ideas that would make for a fun GIF.

I used two platforms for this assignment.  The first one I used was Snapchat.  Being a twenty year old girl, I am very familiar with snapchat and its functions.  One thing that makes it a good platform for creating simple images is its extensive bank of emojis and stickers, as well as its ability to lay text over any image.  I used the text tool to at the text “ily” (which is text-speak for I love you) in one image and “ily not” in another.  I then used the stickers and text tool to add various emojis of hearts around the “ily” text.

After I created my two images, I uploaded them into the app ImgPlay.  This allowed me to create a loop that alternates between the two images at a speed of my choice.  After messing with the speed settings, I saved my GIF to my phone’s library.

The end result is a cute, modern day take on the old phrase, “He loves me, he loves me not”.