How I made: Video

The video element of my final project was one of my favorites.  I decided to make a video of the scene between the squirrel and the toys.  This was a really fun process for me.

The first thing I did was go on to YouTube and look for a video of a squirrel.  I found one that, funny enough, was to entertain dogs and cats.  It’s simply a close up of a squirrel on the forest floor.  I used to convert download the video onto my computer.  I then looked up scenes form the original Toy Story film to try and find one of Woody and Buzz sounding panicked.  Once I found one that I liked, I downloaded it to my computer, but this time as an MP3 using this converter.

Once I had my clips downloaded, I placed the video of the squirrel into iMovie and cut it to a shorter size (it started as 10 minutes long).  I then put the MP3 of the Toy Story scene into Audacity and cut out the audio clip of Woody and inserted it into iMovie.  I then found a sound effect from FreeSound that sounded like a roar and placed that where I thought would be fitting in the clip in iMovie.

Once I was happy with the finished product, I downloaded the file onto my computer and uploaded it to my YoutTube page.  Once it was uploaded I embedded it into my final project.