How I made: Buzz and the Squirrel

I used visual and design elements to create the image fo buzz being faced by the squirrel.

The first thing I did was look for a picture of the woods to use.  I found a picture that was already in the camera roll on my phone from a hiking trip I had gone on.  I also went online and found a picture of Buzz and a picture of a squirrel to use that had a transparent background.  This made it much easier to crop and cut out the background.

Once I had all of my images, I uploaded them to the app Bazaart on my iPhone.  I then used the image of the woods as my background, and got to work cropping buzz and the squirrel.  This took quite some time, considering all of the nooks and crannies of the squirrels tail.

After I had cropped out the backgrounds from Buzz and the Squirrel, I resized them and moved them over the woods in a way that made sense.  Once I was done, I saved the image to my camera roll.