Final Project Story

It was a vey exciting day for Buzz and Woody.  Today was the day that Andy went on a nature hike with his Adventure Scout Troop!  After the two of them were all packed snuggly  in Andy’s backpack with just enough room for their heads to poke out the top, they were whisked away onto the troop’s bus and were soon at a beautiful state park.

Once on the trail, Andy and his friends decided to have a competition to see who could find the coolest treasures and bring them home.  As the hike went on, Andy accumulated rocks, pine cones, leaves, and even some odd sticks in his little backpack.  Buzz and Woody became more and more squished until they could barely move.

As the two of them jostled for space, Buzz thought it a good idea to unzip the bag just a little so they had room to breathe.  Just as he got his hand on the zipper, Andy decided to jump over a log, causing the pack to surge up and consequently flinging Buzz up and out of the backpack.  Mid air his wings deployed and he was soon long out of sight.

Seeing his friend vanish into the distance, Woody quickly hopped out of the bag without anyone noticing and went in search of him.

He plodded through the forest, surrounded by giant trees and piles of dry and crisp leaves.  After what felt like hours, he spotted Buzz’s white paint job up against a moss covered tree.  In front of him was the biggest creature Woody had ever seen.

Woody ran up to Buzz to give him a hand.

Slowly approaching them was a beady eyed, fluffy squirrel.  Woody screamed as the squirrel stared straight through them.  It began to approach them but before it could do anything, buzz leapt into the air and  jumped on its back, the squirrel reared up before the squirrel flew off, Buzz scooped up Woody and off they went.

They trotted through the forest until they found the troop.  The two toys found Andy right as he was about to board the bus.  Checking his backpack, he realized Buzz and Woody weren’t there and looked around on the ground.  Just as he looked down, he saw the two laying by his feet.  He scooped them up, gave them a hug, and piled back on the bus.  The two were then shoved in his backpack, save and sound.