Dissecting TED Radio Hour

This week we were assigned to listen to the intro of a TED Radio Hour that was available to us through SoundCloud.

The intro to the TED Radio hour features a story about how technology is changing the way that humans interact with machines and technology both positively and negatively. The way in which the three minute intro is cut and layered together is a way that leaves you with questions wanting to be answered. It begins with the narrator, Guy Raz, talking by himself as he introduces the subject, Sherry Turkle, an MIT Professor. This starts the story with the feeling of having a casual conversation with somebody you know. About fifteen seconds later, the Sherry’s voice is cut in, and the listeners are now introduced to the main character of the story. Instead of having the interview being played between the Raz and Turkle, the main character’s portion of the interview is being played meanwhile the narrator explains to the listener what the story is about. About 45 seconds into the introduction, a soft and bright melody begins to play behind the narrator and as he goes on to talk about the main topic of the story.

The way the TED Radio hour introduction is one that has become increasingly popular throughout the evolution of radio and podcast production.  The introduction does an effective job at immersing the listener into the conversation.  Instead of evoking a feeling of being an outsider listening in, the conversation is cut in a way to make the listener feel like they are a part of the conversation.  Personally, I really enjoy this production style.  It makes listening to radio shows and podcast much more immersive.