Design Blitz Week 2

Everywhere we look, we can find amazing examples of good (and sometimes not so good) design.  Open the refrigerator and what do you see?  Jars, bottles, cartons with logos and pictures begging you to choose them.  Our mailboxes are full of advertisements, envelopes with company logos, fliers designed to capture our attention.  This week we were asked to complete a design blitz including pictures of items, logos etc. that represented four elements of design.  I chose the elements of design that really stand out to me when I look at labels and logos – symbols, color, typography and rhythm.  Rhythm surprised me the most because I have been reacting to it subconsciously.  After learning more about it, I am recognizing it everywhere.  See below what I think of these 4 elements.

Metaphors and Symbols:


Well I didn’t have to look far for this one.  The symbol of the apple has come to represent technology, innovation and status.  When we see the simple apple with a bite out of it, we immediately know the company it represents.  This symbol is among the most recognizable logos in the world and one of my very favorites.  I cannot help but get excited when I see a boxwith this symbol!  Check out other popular symbols at Change Conversations



This seltzer can uses Rhythm in their logo.  It shows repetition, movement and pattern.  This is an example of Flowing Rhythm because the lines bend and curve. The lines are shaped and spaced to invoke a feeling of calm and flow.  When I stare at the center of this logo, I imagine sitting in the sand with big waves rolling onto the shore.  Check out more about rhythm in design from the Interaction Design Foundation.



Pepsi got it right when they chose the color scheme for their flagship product.  Their spot on use of the primary colors of red and blue, are not only aesthetically pleasing, they also evoke a feeling of patriotism.  Color is so very important in any design.  Choosing the right color can make or break the project.  The blog, 99 Designs gives a great explanation of what particular colors mean.  Blue, represents  trustworthiness and red symbolizes excitement.  Yes, I trust this can and am really excited to open it!


http://IMG-6669 (2)_opt

This Michelob Ultra bottle is a great example of using typography to create an image and feeling.  It incorporates 5 different fonts and uses spacing and color to draw your attention to each element of the label.  The fancy script font gives an expensive feel to the logo.  I love the use of the script embossed M on the bottle.  Check out the blog The Daily Egg to learn more about things like white space, spacing, fonts and more.