This week was all about video.  I was able to manipulate and create my own video clips as well as learn about the techniques used in cinematography and video editing.

I really enjoyed learning about different ways to manipulate scenes to fit how you wanted the narrative of whatever story you are telling.

My favorite assignment was definitely when I was able to change the audio of National Treasure, partly because I really like playing with the audio aspect of media and partly because it turned out so funny.

Overall, this week has really opened up my eyes to how tedious video editing can be and how a project may seem simple but can end up having many aspects to it that are hard.

Can you hear me now?

Week three is completed!  I think that this week was my favorite so far.

Audio production is something that has fascinated me for a long time, whether it has to do with music or radio shows.  I really enjoyed learning about the processes that go into producing podcasts and other forms of audio entertainment.

I think one of my biggest obstacles was the learning curve with the audio software, but once I played around with it enough and got the hang of it, everything was smooth sailing.  I definitely think I am going to continue using the tools I learned this week in the future, whether its for school or just for fun.

My favorite assignment that I completed was when I got to make a scene from sound effects only.  It was fun to turn random noises into an actual soundscape.

If I could go back and do it again, I would probably try and play around with creating my own musical tracks, instead of focusing on sound effects.  I think it would be really fun to produce my own tunes.  Overall, I am very excited to continue on into next week!


Audio Assignments:

Create a story, Create a Place, Favorite Song, Make your Own Sounds Effect


Ira Glass Advice, Moon Graffiti, Ted Radio Hour

Daily Creates:

June 5th, June 6th, June 7th, June 8th, June 9th



A Halvetica Good Time

I found this week to be very interesting.  After reading The Vignelli Canon and many of the design resources for the week, I began to realize the importance of design in everyday life.  I now notice design elements and choices in everyday items like bottles and containers.  I will continue to use the resources given to learn even more.

I feel good about the work I produced this week but am a little frustrated with the process.  Many assignments take a long time to complete and there are a lot of assignments.  Most of the assignments are fun to do. I did encounter issues with uploading and embedding photos in WordPress  but  I reread the material and used trial and error to fix the problems.   Just like last week, I am powering through and learning a lot along the way.


Design Assignment :

4 icons 1 Story

Are we there yet




 Daily Creates


Read and Reflect on The Vignelli Canon


Gif Assignments

Funny Animal Gif

Contradicting Gif


I decided to take this class several days after it had begun.  I enjoy the type of work the class covers so was not worried about taking it online while living 3 hours away.  Well, I quickly began to feel overwhelmed as I tried to catch up the mid-week assignment and do week 1.  I became confused and worried.  To make things worse, I am taking 2 additional online classes and have a job.  I just kept falling further and further behind and getting more and more confused.  I think it would be easier if I were on campus and could take advantage of the tutoring that is available.  Not wanting to give up, I sat down and powered through everything.  Google is now one of my BFFs. 

I found it challenging to learn all of the different platforms and do all of the assignments but I am definitely learning a lot.  I am going to keep going, power through and do my very best.  I will push away the anxiety and focus on one assignment at a time until I have completed everything this course requires.

I did have a lot of fun with every assignment this week.  I love photography and enjoyed telling stories with my pictures.  I was able to spend time through photos with my adorable dogs.  This really drove home the important role photographs play in our lives. Learning new techniques was awesome.  I can’t wait to practice more of what I learned. This was a fun (and challenging) week.


Material Review and Reflection Post

Photo Safari  –  Photo Safari (gallery)

Assignment Bank


Mid Week Summary

This week, I went through the process of setting up my own domain and my social media accounts for the course. Setting up my domain and getting my blog up and running was honestly an extremely stressful process. The issues varied from having a bad WiFi connection to not being able to modify or post anything to my blog. Setting up my social media, however was a piece of cake. Creating a Twitter account for this class was a very easy process, as was making a Flickr account.