Sounds of the Streets

The point of this assignment was to create a place using only sound effects.  For this process, I went to FreeSounds which is a free-use platform with thousands of user generated sounds.  My goal was to make the listener feel as if they were sitting on a bench by a busy street. I searched for different types of sounds to emulate the feeling of being outside.  I found sound bytes that sounded like cars passing, birds chirping, and even a bike bell.

To create the scene, I uploaded the sounds into Audacity. In order for the sounds to seem more organic, I cut them up and scattered them throughout.

When I was happy with the finished product, I uploaded it to SoundCloud.


The end result turned out to be the sounds of a busy street.  I am very pleased with how it turned out.


For one of my Audio Assignments this week, I decided to record and upload my own sound to Freesound, a free sound sharing platform.  The assignment said to pick a sound that I thought was lacking from the website.  I was inspired by my dad making us dinner.  I heard him frying up some burgers on the stove and decided to record it.

I opened up the sound recording APP VoiceRecorder on my iPhone, recorded the sound of the burgers, then saved it to my phone as an MP3.  I then sent the MP3 file to my computer.

After I received the MP3, I uploaded it to my Freesound account.

Then end result is kind of fuzzy sounding.  The burgers frying up could easily be mistaken for radio static, or even rain.

Mystery Music

I absolutely love music, so this assignment was right up my alley.  The idea of simplifying your favorite song to just the instrumental version is such a cool concept.  By taking away the vocals of the song, I heard different parts in the instrumental version that I never caught in the original.  It was very cool to be able to pay attention to the music that makes up the song.  It makes you realize how the vocals to a song are just one component of the finished product, and honestly a pretty minor one at that.

I found a royalty free version of the song on the internet, and then processed it in Audacity to strip away the lyrics.  I then exported the file as an MP3 and uploaded it onto my SoundCloud account.  The end result sounds really cool.


Can you guess my favorite song?

A Knight’s Tale

The assignment, Sound Effects Story, was one of my favorites for this week. It was so fun to create a whole story without any dialogue or visuals.

To accomplish this, I first downloaded sound effects off of the website, Freesound.  This website is filled with user-generated sound effects that all fall under free use. used Audacity.  Once I found the sounds I wanted to use, I uploaded them to audio editing software, Audacity.

After uploading them, I rearranged them in an order that would make the most sense.  When I was satisfied with the order, I exported the file from Audacity and saved it as an MP3.  I then uploaded it to my SoundCloud profile.


This assignment was really fun and challenging.  I loved being able to get creative and think of sounds that would trigger images in the brains of the listeners in order to convey my story.