Advice from Ira Glass

Sound design is something that I have always found very interesting and was very excited to see that this week’s assignments included learning more about radio and sound production.

In the interview I watched with Ira Glass, the well known NPR personality, he offered very specific and easy to take advice when it comes to setting up and creating radio shows and any other work that is heavily reliant on audio. The first thing he mentions is how difficult it is to find a story that is worthy of your time and effort. He mentioned that you, as the producer of whatever you are working on, have to be able to “kill” more ideas than you would like. Glass says that “anything you out on tape…is trying to be really bad”. I interpret this as meaning that nothing that you obtain in its totally raw form is going to be perfect. It takes an incredible amount of work at every step of the process t0 end up with an end product that is spectacular. The only reason products end up very good is because the creators are extremely harsh on their own projects.

Glass also mentions how every creator is a creator and strives to be a creator because they have great taste. This great taste could be in television, radio, movies, really anything. If a creator is taking the time to create the things they love, it is because they know what is good and what is bad. That being said, Glass also comments on the fact that the first good bit of your career creating things you love, you are going to be creating things that are not good, except the term he used was “total crap”. His suggested solution to get out of the funk of the badlands of your creative career is to simply keep making “crap”. I agree with Glass on this one. The more you create the things you want to create, the more you will find yourself slipping into an identity of sorts. This identity will, hopefully, be one that reflects who you strive to be as a creator.

I really enjoyed listening to Ira Glass give his advice.  After all, he is one of the most successful radio personalities and producers in the game.  His advice can apply to not field regarding audio work, but any entertainment field.