A Halvetica Good Time

I found this week to be very interesting.  After reading The Vignelli Canon and many of the design resources for the week, I began to realize the importance of design in everyday life.  I now notice design elements and choices in everyday items like bottles and containers.  I will continue to use the resources given to learn even more.

I feel good about the work I produced this week but am a little frustrated with the process.  Many assignments take a long time to complete and there are a lot of assignments.  Most of the assignments are fun to do. I did encounter issues with uploading and embedding photos in WordPress  but  I reread the material and used trial and error to fix the problems.   Just like last week, I am powering through and learning a lot along the way.


Design Assignment :

4 icons 1 Story

Are we there yet




 Daily Creates


Read and Reflect on The Vignelli Canon


Gif Assignments

Funny Animal Gif

Contradicting Gif